Analysis of current learning and performance needs

Too many begin with an assumption that training is the solution. But research clearly shows that it’s only one of the things that influence performance and often, training isn’t needed or is only one of the things needed.

See my chapter in the 2nd edition of the ASTD Handbook for a deeper explanation. Or ask me!

Doesn’t it make sense to start by asking whether training is needed since it’s such an expensive solution? And, if needed, what additional solutions need to be in place to make it work?

Consider working with me to do some or all of the following before you make expensive mistakes:

  • Determine the business and individual results that are needed
  • Analyze which performance solutions are needed for desired results to occur
  • Analyze which barriers will need to be removed for desired results to occur

Training on designing better learning content

My colleague Cecelia Munzenmaier and I have seen a plague of poorly written learning content and have developed Write Better Learning (WBL) modules to address this problem.

We’re on a personal mission to help people become better learning content writers! Ask us for a free preview and improve your learning content today!

Research and surveys

I have a great deal of experience and expertise in the design and analysis of surveys, especially for learning. I have also been involved in design of crowdsourced observations, literature reviews, and other types of research.

Have a research project? Let’s work on it together!

Literature searches

Want to know what the academic research says about a particular topic? With access to full-text research databases, I can save you time by helping you formulate your question(s) and find authoritative answers.

I can tell you what the research actually says and help you find ways to apply it in your situation.

Speaking and Workshops

Here are just a few of the things companies and organizations ask me to speak and do workshops on:

  • How we learn
  • Why typical learning materials suck, but yours shouldn’t
  • Creating good learning content
  • Building learning activities and assessments
  • Becoming resilient
  • Having a life worth living

My specialty is pragmatic, hands-on, interactive learning. I am truly passionate about these topics and care that people leave with tangible skills.

Life is too short for fluff!


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